War victims in Finland, 1914-22
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The registry of names of the war dead between 1914-1922

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Welcome to the War Victims of Finland 1914-1922 Project database, providing information about those who perished in war-related circumstances. At present, the registry of names contains over 35,000 war dead, 97 per cent of whom died in the war of 1918 or in its aftermath. This is a simplified version of the name database of the Project. The research version of the database contains more information.

The registry of names is still in progress

It should be noted that the registry of names is not complete, individually checked or comprehensive, since the collection of names is likely to continue until the conclusion of 2002. Nonetheless, the War Victims' project is already publishing the registry of names at this incomplete stage. This makes it possible to correct and add to the individual entries, while the project is still ongoing, based on additional information from the public. No further information will be added to the findings once the War Victims' project concludes in 2003. We are accepting public contributions of corrections and additions to the Project's current information by post and e-mail. We are also hoping to recruit volunteer-assistants, particularly to help us research the parish communion records.

The Internet version

The Internet version of the War Victims of Finland 1914-1922 is published as a service by the National Archives. The project is, however, responsible for the information in the name database, which is formulated in correspondance with the decisions of the Data Security Committee of 25.1.1999 and 13.6.2001. Contacts and inquiries are to be addressed to the Project. e-mail sotasurmat@vnk.vn.fi

Search options

Information about individuals who perished in war-related circumstances between 1914 and 1922 can be searched by surname, first name, date of birth, occupation, place of census registration, place of residence, place of death, and by the cause of death. Places of census registration are marked in the list of names according to parish, although the places of residence, birth, imprisonment and death are listed according to municipality.

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The photos show an execution in the Parish of Inkoo in May 1918

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